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The Inquisition


The Inquistion

The Inquisition Tribunal, also known as The Court of the Inquisition or The Inquisition Scene  was painted by Goya sometime 1808 and 1819.  Goya hated the Inquisition and was himself called before it in 1808 to explain his decadent and obscene painting, The Naked Maja.

The Inquisition is a group of institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy. It started in 12th-century France.

The Spanish Inquisition was established in 1478.  The first auto da fé took place in Seville in 1481, when six Jewish false converts (who came to be known as Maranos) were burned at the stake.  The Spanish Inquisition was not officially terminated until 1834.

The institution survived as part of the Roman Curia, but in 1904 was given the new name of “Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office”. In 1965 it became the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In 1981, Joseph Ratzinger became Cardinal-Prefect of the “Congregation.”  Twenty four years later, he became Pope Benedict XVI and served in that capacity until 2011.