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Albert Göring

Albert Goring


Albert was a German businessman, notable for helping Jews survive in Germany during the Second World War while his older brother Hermann Göring was the head of the German Luftwaffe and a leading member of the Nazi Party.

The Göring family lived with their children’s aristocratic godfather of Jewish heritage, Ritter Hermann von Epenstein, in his Veldenstein and Mauterndorf castles. Von Epenstein was a prominent physician and acted as a surrogate father to the Göring children as the father was often absent from the family home. Albert was one of five children.

Von Epenstein began an affair with Franziska Göring about a year before Albert’s birth.  A strong physical resemblance between von Epenstein and Albert Göring have led many to believe that the two were father and son.

Göring became an active anti-Nazi  when he was made export director at the Škoda Works in Czechoslovakia. There, he encouraged acts of sabotage and had contact with the Czech resistance. On many occasions, Göring forged his brother’s signature on transit documents to enable dissidents to escape. When he was caught, he used his brother’s influence to get himself released. Göring also sent trucks to Nazi concentration camps with requests for labour.  Filled with laborers , the trucks would make a stop in an isolated area and the laborers would conveniently escape.

Albert died before his wartime activities could be publicly acknowledged.


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