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Goya’s Ring and The Naked Maja Dancing



Inspired by a series of true events, Goya’s Ring is an action packed adventure story that tells the tale of Alessandra Santana, a beautiful Spanish Art historian and amateur opera singer,  on the trail of a priceless Goya masterpiece lost to the art world for 200 years and stolen by the Nazis. In her quest, she unexpectedly unlocks secrets of her own past as well as that of her client that ties them together.

Written in the style of a marriage between Monuments MenAmerican Treasure and The Da Vinci Code, the page-turning novel binds together the Spanish Inquisition with the Holocaust. A thrilling tale of intrigue, deceit and romance, Goya’s Ring dives into the shadowy world of art collectors and museums, and finishes with a breathtaking twist.

Review of Goya’s Ring and The Naked Maja Dancing

Goya’s Ring and The Naked Maja Dancing is a brilliantly written book. It usually takes me a while to get through a book. Not this one. Every paragraph drove me to the next. Every chapter compelled me to read the one that followed. I became so absorbed in the story, the history behind the story and the characters, I was driven to read it in one sitting. Yes, I stayed up all night to finish it.The blending of adventure, history, romance, humor, and song was a pleasure to read. I could not help but picture it as a movie in the genre of Romancing the Stone and the Da Vinci Code.  It is one of the most enjoyable novels I have ever read.

Gary H. Kahn

Avid Reader and Host of Literary Discussion Groups